Prayer of a Bird

The Prayer of a Bird

This prayer shall be heard and the spirit of the air shall carry it



I thank You for Your caring love - Spirit of the Air.

I cannot feel You, but You carry me.

I cannot hear You, but You spread the sound.

I cannot see You, but You are leading me.

I need You

I trust You.

I thank You for what You bring to me - Spirit of the Air.

You bring the smell of a good food that feeds me and makes me happy.

You turn the tune of the soul into a melody and carry it to my lover.

You bring joy.

I ask You for help - Spirit of the Air.

Spread the words like You spread the seeds over every border.

May the words of peace flourish like the seeds.

May the loving feeling fly through the air over all borders like the seeds and the words and connect every creature and the whole nature with the earth.

Dear Spirit of the Air, You are the first mover, but You are not moved. Please move the love as You take it and bring it.

As a sign that I am connected let me breathe in and breathe out.

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