From Inside Looking Out

Where it started.


Our travel to the Lakota Culture had begun more than ten years ago. I got in contact with different books that discussed in a controversal manner the groundings of the technical culture we are living in. One of the authors was Fritjof Capra.

I was searching for some new insights and wondering, whether the ethics and the foundations of out technical culture would be strong and creative enough to deal with the challenges of mankind lying before our eyes. I opened my eyes and I saw people being egoistic, money oriented and still not content. Albeit I was in this world too, having worked and studied in a nuclear research center (Juelich) I found more questions than answers to the issues of changing circumstances in Society, energy-systems and economics. Being a owner and manager of different firms does not help me at all to overcome my irritations. Around me people were acting more under the pressure to avoid fear and insecurity. Only seldom I experienced fearless creativity in the mind of the people. The ethics of society seemed to reduce to the simple rule: Take the most you can get.